My name is Sandra and I’m the Owner of Reality Hair located in Calgary, Alberta.  I’m excited to be Western Canada’s Authorized Dealer and Personal Consultant for Freedom Wigs of New Zealand.

Our product and services are offered to British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  I’m confident my own personal experiences and journey with hair loss will offer my Clients invaluable information, honest advice, and ongoing support.  My personal goal is to treat you the way we have all wanted to be treated while researching and purchasing a hairpiece… with compassion, dignity, and care!

My Personal Journey:

I have Alopecia Universalis, so I personally know how difficult and challenging it can be to live with hair loss.  How it can alter your mood, your choices in life, and overall self-confidence.  In 2001, I started to experience significant hair loss.  Initially, I had small circular bald spots, but I soon realized it was much more serious when my hair began coming out in handfuls. Within three months I lost all my hair and within a year I was AU.  I was the person who made every attempt to grow my hair back. I tried everything from endless dermatology treatments to alternative holistic treatments.  Eventually I ended up in the emergency room after experiencing a very bad reaction to medication that I was taking for my Alopecia.  From that day forward, I decided it was time to truly accept my Alopecia, instead of constantly “fighting” it.

I wore traditional human hair wigs, but was never 100% satisfied with them.  The hair quality was poor, the cap never fit properly, and it was usually itchy and uncomfortable.  Simply put, it felt like a foreign object on my head!  Fourteen years ago, I found Freedom Wigs and can honestly say it is the best vacuum wig on the market today.  With Freedom Wigs, I was so amazed with the comfort and security of the vacuum suction as well as all the choices I had when designing my own customized wig.  This was a hair system just for me!... not an “off the shelf” wig that everyone else was wearing.  I had never met a company before that truly delivered on the customizing and quality promise.  The end result was a wig that truly mimicked my own biological hair.

Wearing a product like Freedom has added a sense of renewal to my life.  Having hair on my head is very important to me.  While hair does not identify who I am, it sure helps my confidence, makes me feel feminine and helps portray the image I want the world to see.  Being an active Wife and Mom,  I no longer sit on the sidelines of life in fear of having my hair blown off by the wind, or slipping off while doing activities.  Today, I’ve resumed all the activities I enjoyed prior to my hair loss… and you can too!