Vacuum Hairpieces by Freedom Wigs of New Zealand

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Freedom Wig - Advantages:

Cap Construction:

Our silicone medical grade breathable cap requires no tapes/adhesives.  The softness of an all silicone cap means better security, allowing a vacuum suction to be created.  Freedom Wigs are difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally.

The cap is vapor permeable.  This means heat and water vapor (perspiration) will pass through the cap.  The cap is also waterproof, so you can wash the interior of your cap daily without getting your hair wet. 

Hair Quality:

Freedom Wigs are made from top-quality 100% virgin human hair.  The hair has not been bleached, dyed, or processed in any way.  Freedom Wigs are amazingly realistic looking.  They are so natural looking that other people can’t tell you are wearing a wig. 

Customizing your hairpiece is easy with all the choices we offer:

Hair Colour – match your original colour or choose from 20 colours, which can be mixed to create a customized shade.  If you choose, your stylist can add streaks or foils for highlighting effects.  For older Clients, white and grey hair can be added at varying percentages to any part of the wig i.e. front, temples etc.

Hair Texture and Curl – options include straight, movement, light wave, light curl and heavy curl.  You can even have it salon permed at the styling stage.

Hair Length – offered from our four-inch length to our longest 16 inches.

Implanting Density – extra light, light, light-medium, medium.  

Crown and Parting location – left, right or centre part.  Our centre part also has the ability to be an "undefined part"...meaning you have the ability to move your hair 1 1/4 inches to either side.  It moves when wet and holds when dry.

Scalp Color - choose from eight tones to best match your skin tone.

Full Fringe or Fine Fringe - we can customize to achieve your desired style.

Comfort and Security:

Many people can attest that traditional wigs are unpredictable and not secure to wear.  Stretch caps, elastic, Velcro versions may work adequately to cover your head, but they tend to slide around and can be uncomfortable to wear.  By ensuring a comfortable fit that creates suction, our vacuum wig will give you the freedom and security to live your life without restrictions or worries.

Fibers, fabric pieces and hair-ends found in traditional wigs often poke and irritate sensitive scalps. With a Freedom hairpiece, comfort is achieved daily.  The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap and don’t come in contact with your scalp.  The interior of the cap is smooth and light and feels like a second skin.