Vacuum Hairpieces by Freedom Wigs of New Zealand

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Western Canada Personal Consultations:

Reality Hair strives to provide a personalized service delivered with privacy and compassion.  Once you have decided that a Freedom Wig is for you, we start the process by meeting in person.  During your private appointment we discuss the Freedom Hair product, care and your lifestyle needs.  We are happy to be offering leading edge 3D Scanner Technology.  We take a scan of your scalp to ensure the most accurate custom fit.  It is imperative to have a bald or shaved scalp during the fitting process.  It is also essential to maintain a bare scalp in order to wear our vacuum wigs successfully.

Next our Manufacturer in New Zealand starts your custom order.  A clear plastic fitting cap called a “fit cap” is created.  Usually within @ 4-6 weeks of your first consultation your “fit cap” is then sent back to you to ensure the fit and hairline are accurate.  We will also send you a hair sample to verify colour and curl choice.  Once approved, your new wig is carefully handcrafted over the next 8-9 weeks.  The final step is meeting with your Stylist to have your hair cut and styled!  

Once you receive your Freedom Wig, we will continue to partner with you, offering ongoing support, follow-ups, styling and care tips.  We have formed relationships with talented and experienced Stylists throughout Western Canada and can offer referrals if desired.  

While I am based in Calgary, I personally visit major cities in B.C, AB and Sask. on a regular basis, so please call today to book your Personal Consultation.  We also have an Eastern Canada Freedom Hair Agent.