Vacuum Hairpieces by Freedom Wigs of New Zealand

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Freedom Wigs Product Info:

At Freedom Wigs, each wig is totally unique and completely tailor-made specifically to the requirements of its’ owner.

A custom fit is achieved by taking a 3D Scan of your head.  This scan technology creates an exact replica of your scalp, we also design your hairline, crown and parting.  A soft, permeable/breathable silicone cap tinted to match your skin colour is created.  This custom fit creates a gentle suction that provides you with security and comfort.  The realistic cap appearance will look like hair is growing from your scalp (this allows you to style and wear your hair the way you like… you can even clip it up or wear in a ponytail!)

100% virgin human hair of the finest quality is then implanted into the silicone.  To create a natural look and movement that is just like the real thing, we ensure an even spread of hair by inserting just one or two hairs at a time.

Once fitted with your new wig, you are now ready for your salon cut and styling!