Vacuum Hairpieces by Freedom Wigs of New Zealand

Our Freedom Hair truly enhances lives.   Custom designed just for you, hear what Clients are saying about their hair.

Feedback from my Clients:

 To say that I am in love with my Freedom Wig, is an understatement.  Words cannot express how happy I am to have found you and have you on this journey with me.  I cannot believe the difference, I am in complete awe.  Since finding you, I've been following more people with Alopecia and find their confidence inspiring, so much so that I have been walking around without my hair piece some days in public.  Thank-you again for everything xoxo, we will be ordering another one trust me! 

From Jessica, in Alberta


When I started losing my hair suddenly at the age of 30, I didn't know what to do.  At first, you wait and see, praying that it'll stop as quickly as it started.  When it doesn't, you hold on to what you have left with all that you have!  I tried all avenues, injections, creams and UVA light treatments and with no success each time, emotionally it was so hard.  Luckily I am blessed with an extremely supportive family, who truly love me for me!  It was my Mom that found Sandra and Reality Hair for me.  She encouraged me to take that step away from a synthetic wig to my Freedom piece. 

When my husband and I first met with Sandra, we were immediately put at ease, but what was the most comforting and exciting was knowing that she understood exactly what I was going through. It was amazing to me that I knew that she had a Freedom Wig, and yet her hair looked so natural that my husband didn’t believe that she was wearing a wig. You would never guess that it was not her own biological hair! I was SO excited for that possibility! One of the hardest things for me since losing my hair is that I don’t look like ME anymore. With my new Freedom piece some amazing things have happened. I teach Kindergarten, and with my synthetic pieces having them fly away on the playground was a very real fear and possibility, so I was very upfront with my students. The students in our school know about my hair loss and it is just part of our world at school. The first day I wore my new Freedom piece to school I had kids come up and say, “Mrs. Bender, did your hair grow back?” It was by far the best compliment I could have ever gotten! Now I don’t worry or wonder if my hair is ‘on right’ or worry that it will blow away in the wind! I know that my toddler can’t pull it off while he plays with my hair as I hold him, and although I didn’t realize I wasn’t moving my head naturally with my synthetic pieces, I can turn my head and not worry about my wig bunching or becoming uncomfortable. My Freedom piece has literally given me back the freedom to live my life without worrying about what is on my head! It is natural, and so much more comfortable than any other wig that I have tried. I am so thankful that my Mom found Sandra for me!

Sandra is an inspiring, caring and giving person who puts you at ease from the first minute you meet her! She guided us through the entire process, is always available for questions and even accompanied me to my styling appointment in Calgary. She truly goes the extra mile! I highly recommend Sandra and Reality Hair and Freedom Hair pieces, I LOVE my new hair!  Lisa Bender - Alberta


From my adorable 8 year old Client - Vancouver Island


Hi Sandra,

I would like to thank-you for taking the time in making sure my wig was a perfect fit.  You are very positive and enthusiastic about Freedom Wigs which encouraged me to purchase my very own hairpiece.  I have been wearing wigs for about twenty years and was not able to participate to my full potential in highly active events (athletics, water related actions, vacations, etc.).  Since my introduction to Freedom Wigs, I now feel confident and most of all I feel like the best version of myself.  Sandra, you were wonderful at matching my remaining hair to my new piece an you also made sure that all the details of my custom wig were specific to my liking and comfort.  Most of all Sandra, you made me feel that I can hold my head up high and feel confident and beautiful once again.  Thank-you for the comfortable experience - Charlene Kocken - Alberta


Nikki and I were tired of searching for the elusive cure.  The medical field is no further ahead than it was 20 years ago.

Other Wigs:  No matter how beautiful and high quality the hair is and silicone strips inside, if it has wefts like most wigs, it will part in the wind and show scalp.  With lace wigs there's no swimming no roller coaster rides and no color highlighting.

The best, most positive and life altering thing was finding silicone vacuum hairpieces - Freedom Wigs!

After 50 (me) years and Nikki 21 years of AU.  We still hope for lashes and brows to regrow, but we don't know if we would want the work of our own hair.  We are happy to not have a painful debilitating autoimmune disease such as lupus or diabetes. 

Freedom Hair is better than our own and we can do everything we want to do. We are not into making our problem public or "raising awareness" of it.  We are content to let our friends know and to keep it secret from those who don't need to know.

Today, what we look for is the best make-up tatooist, the best false lashes and the latest in brow drawing.  We already found the best hair!  Mom and Daughter - Nikki and Elenore - Vancouver - B.C.


Hi Sandra,

I'm a Hair Stylist and I have just seen the Freedom Wig in person.  I have to tell you how thrilled I am to see a wig that has given my Client so much happiness.  I just had her in last night and have seen what an amazing product you have.  I washed and styled it on her head and couldn't believe how much it felt like real hair with no movement of the cap.  This again is amazing and Freedom is exactly what this product is!  Thank-you so much. Joan - Alberta


Dear Sandra,

I want to thank-you for your support in helping Meghan with her Freedom wig.  Personally I feel the wig is a small part of what you helped her with.  You have shown her that hair doesn't define you.  But just a part of who she is.  I am so thankful that my daughter has such strong and beautiful role models in her life who are helping her be confident with this new chapter and show her she can do anything.                  God Bless - Barb - Calgary


Sandra, I just wanted to say thank you so much for setting me up with my freedom wig!
This summer we had our family reunion at the cabin, I had recently stopped going into the water as I was to ashamed of my Alopecia. I cannot even describe the relief and freedom I felt when I could actually go out water skiing and tubing with my cousins and enjoy myself, completely care free about my hair! I have a video of myself skiing and posted it on facebook for everybody to see and this is the first time I've been able to do that! I cant thank you enough for this. I hope your having a great summer!


Having had Alopecia for almost ten years now, I have had plenty of experiences with human hair wigs, some moderately good, some not so.  I have spent a considerable amount of money in that time and had never been truly happy.  The problems I have had are; they never fit right, they can be of poor quality hair, over-processed, uncomfortable and scratchy to wear and I would get terrible headaches.  One of my other main issues was being afraid of going out into windy weather.
Then I met Sandra and Freedom wigs. The service and product I have received with Reality Hair is second to none.  I must say that the Freedom wig I have now, which is nearly a year old, is still so beautiful and the quality remains amazing; simply put, the best I have ever had.  One of the many things that I have been aware of is that when I wash my wig, it rarely loses any hair.  All other human hair wigs I have ever owned have lost some hair when washed and styled, but not Freedom wigs.  I walk out the door each day and feel normal and feminine and you can't put a price on that! Breezy day? – bring it on!
Denise, Edmonton


I'm so happy with my Freedom Wig, I can't wait to put it on in the morning, I feel like I have my life back!
Nicole, Vancouver Island


Thank-you for your compassion, your support and professionalism.  I've always had amazing support from my family and have always felt beautiful and confident with them.  However meeting and working with you has been an amazing experience that has given me confidence to be me and embrace all that I am (with and without hair) in every aspect of my life. Laveena, Regina


Sandra, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how much I am loving my Freedom Hair.  I honestly can't imagine that I would have adjusted as well without it and I can't really imagine not wearing anything else.  It is so comfortable and easy to wear and take on and off.  I love not having to deal with tape.  I don't even notice I'm wearing it half the time and it's nice not to feel like I can't wait to get home and take it off, In fact, I leave it on at home most of the time anyways. I also have been able to do all the activities I do and not have it get in the way or worry it will come off.  Glad I am able to have Freedom Hair and so grateful for the people who donate to make this possible Trina, Squamish B.C.


I received my sweet hair last night.  Where do I start?  It is so freakin' beautiful.  Beyond my dreams.  I've been saying to everyone, my last wigs were great, but this one is amazing.  The soft shell/cap is so darn comfortable.  It was a way better fit than any of my others ever fit.  The hair is so soft and perfect.  You were so lovely from the first phone call to your little notes and tips on the final delivery.  Thank-you so much Sandra, you have made my summer extra special this year.  My confidence is sky high right now, I might have to come down a few notches!  Ha, ha.  Sarah, Leduc, AB


I have had alopecia for 16 years and have been wearing wigs the entire time.  I usually wore synthetic wigs, and I found they would wear out in 4-6 months.  I bought a couple human hair wigs and the caps always bagged out and I never got more than one year of use out of them.  I decided to try a Freedom Wig for my 40th birthday and my only regret is not doing this YEARS ago.  I absolutely love everything about it.  Sandra was supportive and compassionate for the entire experience and she continues to be an amazing support for me, not that I need much support now because this wig is so amazing.  I barely even feel like I have alopecia when I wear my Freedom wig.  I am a Yoga Instructor and I wear it while I teach classes and it never gives me any trouble.  I am an active person and I wear my Freedom wig for the majority of my activities.  The fit is incredible and the feeling is amazing.  I never have to worry about my wig blowing away on a windy day.  It is very easy to wash and style and it is the most low maintenance wig I have ever owner.  As long as I have alopecia, I will only wear Freedom.  I am so grateful to Sandra and to Freedom for my wig and for my freedom not to worry about my alopecia. Deana, Calgary, AB